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The Last Fight

The Last Fight

Mankind’s Five Plagues

Many of us feel a lot of uncertainties accumulating; they may be serious or superficial, personal or global, but yes, they are many. Still, we (the Occident) live in the most prosperous, free and peaceful period of all our history. What could be so wrong?

Risk theory has it that one danger at a time can be tackled, thanks to the many abilities of man; two are more difficult, but then group action kicks in and problems can be beat. Three? We enter into real difficult problem-solving domain, and common knowledge says you have come too far into unpleasant territory, and you should find another route, or even get back. But five? No way.

All five plagues will not descend onto Mankind on the same day; still, on a historical scale, they will seem near simultaneous. They will be of very different strength and depth; but all will hurt us, and all have already begun.

Today a last means of rescue still remains; I see absolutely no-one, no political leader, no think tank, no great guru nor any layman suggesting it.

5: Depletion of reserves

4: Global warming

3: Environment destruction

2: Excessive demography

1: No decision

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